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Inspect network connections with netstat

List network connections, open ports and the programs running behind those ports with netstat. Open a terminal and type: netstat -apenetstat -ape -a, –all, –listening display all sockets (default: connected) -p, –programs display PID/Program name for sockets -e, –extend display other/more information Output: Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State User Inode PID/Program name …

Microsoft Windows

Fix problems with programs that can’t be installed or uninstalled

If you have any installation or uninstallation issues with programs in Windows, download Microsoft’s fixit tool to repair automatically! http://support.microsoft.com/mats/Program_Install_and_Uninstall/?ln=en-us What it fixes… Removes bad registry key on 64 bit operating systems. Windows registry keys that control the upgrade (patching) data that become corrupted. Resolves problems that prevent new programs from being installed. Resolves problems …

Microsoft Windows

Run your programs in an isolated space

A sandbox is a security mechanism for separating running programs. It is often used to execute untested code, or untrusted programs from unverified third-parties, suppliers, untrusted users and untrusted websites. – wiki There is a great program for Windows named Sandboxie. Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents them from making permanent …