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Credentials recovery

The LaZagne project is an open source application used to retrieve lots of passwords stored on a local computer. Each software stores its passwords using different techniques (plaintext, APIs, custom algorithms, databases, etc.). This tool has been developed for the purpose of finding these passwords for the most commonly-used software. At this moment, it supports …


Reset Root Password for MySQL user in Windows

1. Stop MySQL service. Run services.msc as administrator and stop it. 2. Run cmd.exe as administrator. 3. Execute: c:xamppmysqlbinmysqld.exe –skip-grant-tablesc:xamppmysqlbinmysqld.exe –skip-grant-tables 4. Run another cmd.exe as administrator. 5. Execute: c:xamppmysqlbinmysql.exec:xamppmysqlbinmysql.exe 6. Execute query: UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(’newpasswd’) WHERE USER=’root’;UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘newpasswd’) WHERE User=’root’; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;FLUSH PRIVILEGES; 7. Close cmd windows. 8. Kill mysqld process …

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How to Reset Your Windows Password

Forgot your Windows admin password? Windows stores its user information, including crypted versions of the passwords, in a file called ‘sam’, usually found in windowssystem32config. This file is a part of the registry, in a binary format previously undocumented, and not easily accessible. Overview This is a utility to reset the password of any user …

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Free Windows password cracker

Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.   Features: » Runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, … » Cracks LM and NTLM …

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Dump Windows password hashes

Download pwdump7 and run it to dump local system’s passwords from SAM and SYSTEM files.    Usage: Dump system passwords pwdump7.exepwdump7.exe Dump passwords from files pwdump7.exe -s <samfile> <systemfile>pwdump7.exe -s <samfile> <systemfile> Copy filename to destination pwdump7.exe -d <filename> [destination]pwdump7.exe -d <filename> [destination]

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Password sniffing with Metasploit

A packet sniffer is a computer program that intercepts and logs traffic passing over a network. The sniffer captures each packet, decodes the packet’s raw data, showing the values of various fields in the packet, and analyzes its content. If network communications are not encrypted (ssl) then it is possible to intercept communications and capture …