Penetration Testing, Tools

Super fast TCP port scanner

strobe is a network/security tool that locates and describes
all listening tcp ports on a remote host or on many hosts in a bandwidth
utilisation maximising, and process resource minimising manner.

strobe approximates a parallel finite state machine internally. In non-
linear multi-host mode it attempts to apportion bandwidth and sockets
among the hosts very efficiently. This can reap appreciable gains in
speed for multiple distinct hosts/routes.

On a machine with a reasonable number of sockets, strobe is fast enough
to port scan entire Internet sub domains. It is even possible to survey
an entire small country in a reasonable time from a fast machine on the
network backbone, provided the machine in question uses dynamic socket
allocation or has had its static socket allocation increased very
appreciably (check your kernel options).

In this very limited application strobe is said to be faster than ISS2.1 or PingWare.

Ubuntu users:

sudo apt-get install netdiag




strobe [options]
		[-4 | -6]
		[-o output_file]
		[-b begin_port_n]
		[-e end_port_n]
		[-p single_port_n]
		[-P bind_port_n]
		[-A bind_addr_n]
		[-t timeout_n]
		[-n num_sockets_n]
		[-S services_file]
		[-i hosts_input_file]
		[-a abort_after_port_n]
		[-c capture_n]
		[-w wrap_col_n]
		[-L capture_lines_n]
		[-D capture_directory]
		[-T capture_timeout_n]
		[host1 [...host_n]]