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Java 8 Jar & Android APK Reverse Engineering Suite

Bytecode Viewer is an Advanced Lightweight Java Bytecode Viewer, GUI Java Decompiler, GUI Bytecode Editor, GUI Smali, GUI Baksmali, GUI APK Editor, GUI Dex Editor, GUI APK Decompiler, GUI DEX Decompiler, GUI Procyon Java Decompiler, GUI Krakatau, GUI CFR Java Decompiler, GUI FernFlower Java Decompiler, GUI DEX2Jar, GUI Jar2DEX, GUI Jar-Jar, Hex Viewer, Code Searcher, Debugger and more.
It’s written completely in Java, and it’s open sourced.

There is also a plugin system that will allow you to interact with the loaded classfiles, for example you can write a String deobfuscator, a malicious code searcher, or something else you can think of.
You can either use one of the pre-written plugins, or write your own. It supports groovy scripting. Once a plugin is activated, it will execute the plugin with a ClassNode ArrayList of every single class loaded in BCV, this allows the user to handle it completely using ASM.

* Written to run on Java 7, supports Java 8.
* Compile Decompiled Java classes with Ranino Compiler.
* Quickly decompile classes using JD-Core.
* Easily edit APKs via Smali/Baksmali integration.
* Java Decompiling with five different decompilers (DJ-GUI/Core, Procyon, CFR, Fernflower and Krakatau).
* Bytecode Decompiling with CFIDE.
* Android APK integrated with Dex2Jar.
* Securely launch Java applications and insert hooks via EZ-Injection.
* Scan for malicious code with the Malicious Code Scanner plugin.
* Export as DEX, Jar, Class, Zip or Java Source File.
* Open Android APKs, Android DEX, Java Class Files and Java Jars.
* Extensively configurable, over 100+ settings!
* Works seamlessly with all Operating Systems.
* Integrate BCV into Windows by installing it, it’ll associate all .class, .dex and .apk to open with BCV.
* View Jar & APK Resources with ease by APKTool.jar integration.

Download from GitHub.

Source code
Download from GitHub.

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