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Access x86 TEB/PEB with C and Assembly

The Process Environment Block (abbreviated PEB) is a data structure in the Windows NT operating system family. It is an opaque data structure that is used by the operating system internally, most of whose fields are not intended for use by anything other than the operating system. The PEB contains data structures that apply across a whole process, including global context, startup parameters, data structures for the program image loader, the program image base address, and synchronization objects used to provide mutual exclusion for process-wide data structures. (wikipedia)

The Thread Environment Block (TEB) is a data structure in Win32 on x86 that stores information about the currently running thread. This structure is also known as the Win32 Thread Information Block (TIB). The TIB can be used to get a lot of information on the process without calling Win32 API. Examples include emulating GetLastError(), GetVersion(). Through the pointer to the PEB one can obtain access to the import tables (IAT), process startup arguments, image name, etc. (wikipedia)

Structure TEB in Windows 8.1 (x86)

typedef struct _TEB {
	/*0x000*/ NT_TIB NtTib;
	/*0x01c*/ PVOID EnvironmentPointer;
	/*0x020*/ CLIENT_ID ClientId;
	/*0x028*/ PVOID ActiveRpcHandle;
	/*0x02c*/ PVOID ThreadLocalStoragePointer;
	/*0x030*/ PPEB ProcessEnvironmentBlock;
	/*0x034*/ DWORD LastErrorValue;
	/*0x038*/ DWORD CountOfOwnedCriticalSections;
	/*0x03c*/ PVOID CsrClientThread;
	/*0x040*/ PVOID Win32ThreadInfo;
	/*0x044*/ DWORD User32Reserved[26];
	/*0x0ac*/ DWORD UserReserved[5];
	/*0x0c0*/ PVOID WOW32Reserved;
	/*0x0c4*/ DWORD CurrentLocale;
	/*0x0c8*/ DWORD FpSoftwareStatusRegister;
	/*0x0cc*/ PVOID SystemReserved1[54];
	/*0x1a4*/ LONG ExceptionCode;
	/*0x1a8*/ PACTIVATION_CONTEXT_STACK ActivationContextStackPointer;
	/*0x1ac*/ UCHAR SpareBytes[36];
	/*0x1d0*/ DWORD TxFsContext;
	/*0x1d4*/ GDI_TEB_BATCH GdiTebBatch;
	/*0x6b4*/ CLIENT_ID RealClientId;
	/*0x6bc*/ PVOID GdiCachedProcessHandle;
	/*0x6c0*/ DWORD GdiClientPID;
	/*0x6c4*/ DWORD GdiClientTID;
	/*0x6c8*/ PVOID GdiThreadLocalInfo;
	/*0x6cc*/ DWORD Win32ClientInfo[62];
	/*0x7c4*/ PVOID glDispatchTable[233];
	/*0xb68*/ DWORD glReserved1[29];
	/*0xbdc*/ PVOID glReserved2;
	/*0xbe0*/ PVOID glSectionInfo;
	/*0xbe4*/ PVOID glSection;
	/*0xbe8*/ PVOID glTable;
	/*0xbec*/ PVOID glCurrentRC;
	/*0xbf0*/ PVOID glContext;
	/*0xbf4*/ DWORD LastStatusValue;
	/*0xbf8*/ UNICODE_STRING StaticUnicodeString;
	/*0xc00*/ WCHAR StaticUnicodeBuffer[261];
	/*0xe0c*/ PVOID DeallocationStack;
	/*0xe10*/ PVOID TlsSlots[64];
	/*0xf10*/ LIST_ENTRY TlsLinks;
	/*0xf18*/ PVOID Vdm;
	/*0xf1c*/ PVOID ReservedForNtRpc;
	/*0xf20*/ PVOID DbgSsReserved[2];
	/*0xf28*/ DWORD HardErrorMode;
	/*0xf2c*/ PVOID Instrumentation[9];
	/*0xf50*/ GUID ActivityId;
	/*0xf60*/ PVOID SubProcessTag;
	/*0xf64*/ PVOID PerflibData;
	/*0xf68*/ PVOID EtwTraceData;
	/*0xf6c*/ PVOID WinSockData;
	/*0xf70*/ DWORD GdiBatchCount;
	union {
		/*0xf74*/ PROCESSOR_NUMBER CurrentIdealProcessor;
		/*0xf74*/ DWORD IdealProcessorValue;
		struct {
			/*0xf74*/ UCHAR ReservedPad0;
			/*0xf75*/ UCHAR ReservedPad1;
			/*0xf76*/ UCHAR ReservedPad2;
			/*0xf77*/ UCHAR IdealProcessor;
	/*0xf78*/ DWORD GuaranteedStackBytes;
	/*0xf7c*/ PVOID ReservedForPerf;
	/*0xf80*/ PVOID ReservedForOle;
	/*0xf84*/ DWORD WaitingOnLoaderLock;
	/*0xf88*/ PVOID SavedPriorityState;
	/*0xf8c*/ DWORD ReservedForCodeCoverage;
	/*0xf90*/ PVOID ThreadPoolData;
	/*0xf94*/ PVOID *TlsExpansionSlots;
	/*0xf98*/ DWORD MuiGeneration;
	/*0xf9c*/ DWORD IsImpersonating;
	/*0xfa0*/ PVOID NlsCache;
	/*0xfa4*/ PVOID pShimData;
	/*0xfa8*/ WORD HeapVirtualAffinity;
	/*0xfaa*/ WORD LowFragHeapDataSlot;
	/*0xfac*/ PVOID CurrentTransactionHandle;
	/*0xfb0*/ PTEB_ACTIVE_FRAME ActiveFrame;
	/*0xfb4*/ PVOID FlsData;
	/*0xfb8*/ PVOID PreferredLanguages;
	/*0xfbc*/ PVOID UserPrefLanguages;
	/*0xfc0*/ PVOID MergedPrefLanguages;
	/*0xfc4*/ DWORD MuiImpersonation;
	union {
		/*0xfc8*/ WORD CrossTebFlags;
		/*0xfc8*/ WORD SpareCrossTebBits : 16;
	union {
		/*0xfca*/ WORD SameTebFlags;
		struct {
			/*0xfca*/ WORD SafeThunkCall : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD InDebugPrint : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD HasFiberData : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD SkipThreadAttach : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD WerInShipAssertCode : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD RanProcessInit : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD ClonedThread : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD SuppressDebugMsg : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD DisableUserStackWalk : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD RtlExceptionAttached : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD InitialThread : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD SessionAware : 1;
			/*0xfca*/ WORD SpareSameTebBits : 4;
	/*0xfcc*/ PVOID TxnScopeEnterCallback;
	/*0xfd0*/ PVOID TxnScopeExitCallback;
	/*0xfd4*/ PVOID TxnScopeContext;
	/*0xfd8*/ DWORD LockCount;
	/*0xfdc*/ DWORD SpareUlong0;
	/*0xfe0*/ PVOID ResourceRetValue;
	/*0xfe4*/ PVOID ReservedForWdf;

Structure PEB in Windows 8.1 (x86)

typedef struct _PEB {
	/*0x000*/ UCHAR InheritedAddressSpace;
	/*0x001*/ UCHAR ReadImageFileExecOptions;
	/*0x002*/ UCHAR BeingDebugged;
	union {
		/*0x003*/ UCHAR BitField;
		struct {
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR ImageUsesLargePages : 1;
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR IsProtectedProcess : 1;
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR IsImageDynamicallyRelocated : 1;
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR SkipPatchingUser32Forwarders : 1;
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR IsPackagedProcess : 1;
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR IsAppContainer : 1;
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR IsProtectedProcessLight : 1;
			/*0x003*/ UCHAR SpareBits : 1;
	/*0x004*/ PVOID Mutant;
	/*0x008*/ PVOID ImageBaseAddress;
	/*0x00c*/ PPEB_LDR_DATA Ldr;
	/*0x010*/ PRTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS ProcessParameters;
	/*0x014*/ PVOID SubSystemData;
	/*0x018*/ PVOID ProcessHeap;
	/*0x01c*/ PRTL_CRITICAL_SECTION FastPebLock;
	/*0x020*/ PVOID AtlThunkSListPtr;
	/*0x024*/ PVOID IFEOKey;
	union {
		/*0x028*/ DWORD CrossProcessFlags;
		struct {
			/*0x028*/ DWORD ProcessInJob : 1;
			/*0x028*/ DWORD ProcessInitializing : 1;
			/*0x028*/ DWORD ProcessUsingVEH : 1;
			/*0x028*/ DWORD ProcessUsingVCH : 1;
			/*0x028*/ DWORD ProcessUsingFTH : 1;
			/*0x028*/ DWORD ReservedBits0 : 27;
	/*0x02c*/ PVOID KernelCallbackTable;
	/*0x02c*/ PVOID UserSharedInfoPtr;
	/*0x030*/ DWORD SystemReserved[1];
	/*0x034*/ DWORD AtlThunkSListPtr32;
	/*0x038*/ PVOID ApiSetMap;
	/*0x03c*/ DWORD TlsExpansionCounter;
	/*0x040*/ PVOID TlsBitmap;
	/*0x044*/ DWORD TlsBitmapBits[2];
	/*0x04c*/ PVOID ReadOnlySharedMemoryBase;
	/*0x050*/ PVOID SparePvoid0;
	/*0x054*/ PVOID *ReadOnlyStaticServerData;
	/*0x058*/ PVOID AnsiCodePageData;
	/*0x05c*/ PVOID OemCodePageData;
	/*0x060*/ PVOID UnicodeCaseTableData;
	/*0x064*/ DWORD NumberOfProcessors;
	/*0x068*/ DWORD NtGlobalFlag;
	/*0x070*/ LARGE_INTEGER CriticalSectionTimeout;
	/*0x078*/ DWORD HeapSegmentReserve;
	/*0x07c*/ DWORD HeapSegmentCommit;
	/*0x080*/ DWORD HeapDeCommitTotalFreeThreshold;
	/*0x084*/ DWORD HeapDeCommitFreeBlockThreshold;
	/*0x088*/ DWORD NumberOfHeaps;
	/*0x08c*/ DWORD MaximumNumberOfHeaps;
	/*0x090*/ PVOID *ProcessHeaps;
	/*0x094*/ PVOID GdiSharedHandleTable;
	/*0x098*/ PVOID ProcessStarterHelper;
	/*0x09c*/ DWORD GdiDCAttributeList;
	/*0x0a0*/ PRTL_CRITICAL_SECTION LoaderLock;
	/*0x0a4*/ DWORD OSMajorVersion;
	/*0x0a8*/ DWORD OSMinorVersion;
	/*0x0ac*/ DWORD OSBuildNumber;
	/*0x0ae*/ DWORD OSCSDVersion;
	/*0x0b0*/ DWORD OSPlatformId;
	/*0x0b4*/ DWORD ImageSubsystem;
	/*0x0b8*/ DWORD ImageSubsystemMajorVersion;
	/*0x0bc*/ DWORD ImageSubsystemMinorVersion;
	/*0x0c0*/ DWORD ActiveProcessAffinityMask;
	/*0x0c4*/ DWORD GdiHandleBuffer[34];
	/*0x14c*/ PVOID PostProcessInitRoutine;
	/*0x150*/ PVOID TlsExpansionBitmap;
	/*0x154*/ DWORD TlsExpansionBitmapBits[32];
	/*0x1d4*/ DWORD SessionId;
	/*0x1d8*/ ULARGE_INTEGER AppCompatFlags;
	/*0x1e0*/ ULARGE_INTEGER AppCompatFlagsUser;
	/*0x1e8*/ PVOID pShimData;
	/*0x1ec*/ PVOID AppCompatInfo;
	/*0x1f0*/ UNICODE_STRING CSDVersion;
	/*0x1f8*/ PACTIVATION_CONTEXT_DATA ActivationContextData;
	/*0x1fc*/ PASSEMBLY_STORAGE_MAP ProcessAssemblyStorageMap;
	/*0x200*/ PACTIVATION_CONTEXT_DATA SystemDefaultActivationContextData;
	/*0x204*/ PASSEMBLY_STORAGE_MAP SystemAssemblyStorageMap;
	/*0x208*/ DWORD MinimumStackCommit;
	/*0x20c*/ PFLS_CALLBACK_INFO FlsCallback;
	/*0x210*/ LIST_ENTRY FlsListHead;
	/*0x218*/ PVOID FlsBitmap;
	/*0x21c*/ DWORD FlsBitmapBits[4];
	/*0x22c*/ DWORD FlsHighIndex;
	/*0x230*/ PVOID WerRegistrationData;
	/*0x234*/ PVOID WerShipAssertPtr;
	/*0x238*/ PVOID pUnused;
	/*0x23c*/ PVOID pImageHeaderHash;
	union {
		/*0x240*/ DWORD TracingFlags;
		/*0x240*/ DWORD HeapTracingEnabled : 1;
		/*0x240*/ DWORD CritSecTracingEnabled : 1;
		/*0x240*/ DWORD LibLoaderTracingEnabled : 1;
		/*0x240*/ DWORD SpareTracingBits : 29;
	/*0x248*/ DWORD64 CsrServerReadOnlySharedMemoryBase;

Access TEB/PEB in Windows 8.1 (x86)

int main(int argc, char **argv)
	PTEB pTeb = getTEB();
	PPEB pPeb = getPEB();
PVOID getTEB() {
	PVOID pTeb;
		push eax
		mov eax, fs:[0x18]
			mov pTeb, eax
			pop eax
	return pTeb;
PVOID getPEB() {
	PVOID pPeb;
		push eax
		mov eax, fs:[0x30]
			mov pPeb, eax
			pop eax
	return pPeb;

Download full source code from GitHub.