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Viewing strings in executables

strings – utility displays strings of printable characters found in file(s). Strings is available in Linux, Unix and Windows Systems.

Scan entire file:

strings -a /path/to/executable

Scan data sections only:

strings -d /path/to/executable


  -a - --all                Scan the entire file, not just the data section [default]
  -d --data                 Only scan the data sections in the file
  -f --print-file-name      Print the name of the file before each string
  -n --bytes=[number]       Locate & print any NUL-terminated sequence of at
  -<number>                   least [number] characters (default 4).
  -t --radix={o,d,x}        Print the location of the string in base 8, 10 or 16
  -w --include-all-whitespace Include all whitespace as valid string characters
  -o                        An alias for --radix=o
  -T --target=<BFDNAME>     Specify the binary file format
  -e --encoding={s,S,b,l,B,L} Select character size and endianness:
                            s = 7-bit, S = 8-bit, {b,l} = 16-bit, {B,L} = 32-bit
  @<file>                   Read options from <file>
  -h --help                 Display this information
  -v -V --version           Print the program's version number