Generating POT Files in CakePHP 3

cakePHP 3 book – i18n

The i18n features of CakePHP use po files as their translation source. This makes them easily to integrate with tools like poedit and other common translation tools.

The i18n shell provides a quick and easy way to generate po template files. These templates files can then be given to translators so they can translate the strings in your application. Once you have translations done, pot files can be merged with existing translations to help update your translations.

1. Open cmd
2. change directory to cakephp application for ex.

cd C:\xampp\htdocs\myapps\cakephp\

3. Execute:

bin\cake i18n extract

To extract POT files from Plugins:

bin\cake i18n extract --plugin myPluginName

To translate .pot files, open them with poedit, translate your texts and save the .pot file as .po file in srcLocaleen_USdefault.po (or whatever is your locale).