Metasploit – Interfaces – Part 2

Metasploit interfaces

The Metasploit framework provides a GUI, a console interface called msfconsole and a command line interface called msfcli.

Graphic user interface

To open metasploit gui, open your terminal and type msfgui. From the Metasploit’s graphic user interface you can do pretty much the same things as you can do from the other interfaces. GUI is very helpful if you are new to Metasploit framework.


Msfconsole is the most popular interface to the Metasploit Framework. It provides everything you need to launch an exploit, load auxiliary modules, perform enumeration, create listeners or run mass exploitation against multiple targets. It is the only supported way to access most of the features within Metasploit and it is the most stable Metasploit interface. MSFconsole offers tab completion! To open msfconsole, open your terminal and type msfconsole.


Msfcli provides a powerful command-line interface to the Metasploit framework but it doesn’t support any of the advanced automation features of msfconsole. Msfcli is an excellent interface for scripting, allowing you to redirect its output to other command line tools or redirect output from other tools into msfcli. Msfcli can be used like msfconsole, to launch exploits or auxiliary modules but is much more difficult to use. It is useful for specific tasks such as when you are testing or developing a new exploit. Msfcli is suitable when you know exactly which exploit and options you need. To run msfcli, open your terminal and type msfcli. Type msfcli -h to get more help.


Armitage is a free GUI front-end for the Metasploit Framework developed by Raphael Mudge. To launch armitage, type armitage in your terminal.