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Social Engineering, Tools

Social-Engineer Toolkit on Windows

To install the latest Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) release follow these steps under Windows: 1. Download and install GitHub for Windows. 2. Clone SET git repository from https://github.com/trustedsec/social-engineer-toolkit/. 3. Download and install PyCrypto library. Download Prebuilt binaries for Windows from Voidspace site. 4. Open your cmd and run Social-Engineer Toolkit: python C:\Users\<username>\Documents\GitHub\social-engineer-toolkit\se-toolkitpython C:\Users\<username>\Documents\GitHub\social-engineer-toolkit\se-toolkit    

Auditing, Penetration Testing

Forensic Toolkit for Memory Capturing & Analysis

To analyze a compromised computer or analyze the behavior of malware you will need tools like FTK Imager. You can perform memory dump of the compromised machine and export it to external storage device, extract process-related information from memory snapshots, threads, strings, dependencies and communications.   You can also examine Windows operating system files such …