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Social-Engineer Toolkit on Windows

To install the latest Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) release follow these steps under Windows: 1. Download and install GitHub for Windows. 2. Clone SET git repository from https://github.com/trustedsec/social-engineer-toolkit/. 3. Download and install PyCrypto library. Download Prebuilt binaries for Windows from Voidspace site. 4. Open your cmd and run Social-Engineer Toolkit: python C:\Users\<username>\Documents\GitHub\social-engineer-toolkit\se-toolkitpython C:\Users\<username>\Documents\GitHub\social-engineer-toolkit\se-toolkit    

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Local and Remote file inclusion

fimap – A little open source tool for local and remote file inclusion auditing and exploitation. It is published under GNU GPLv2.   fimap is awritten in python and can find, prepare, audit, exploit and even google automaticly for local and remote file inclusion bugs in webapps. fimap should be something like sqlmap just for …

Penetration Testing

MagicTree | Reporting Tool

MagicTree is a penetration tester productivity tool. It is designed to allow easy and straightforward data consolidation, querying, external command execution and report generation. “Tree” is because all the data is stored in a tree structure, and “Magic” is because it is designed to magically do the most cumbersome and boring part of penetration testing …

Microsoft Windows, Security

Removal tool for Windows

Eraser is a secure data removal tool for Windows. It completely removes sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.   Features Erases residue from deleted files Erases MFT and MFT-resident files (for NTFS volumes) and Directory Indices (for FAT) Powerful and flexible scheduler   Download  

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Web server audit tool – Webshag

Webshag page 1. Open your BackTrack VM. 2. Goto Applications->BackTrack->Information Gathering->Web Application Analysis->Web Crawlers->webshag-cli 3. Execute the following command to uscan a host on port 80: python webshag_cli.py targethostname.compython webshag_cli.py targethostname.com 4. Options: –version show program’s version number and exit -h, –help show this help message and exit -U Update the URL scanner databases and …


Introduction to Apt

All of these commands must be run as root or with superuser privileges. Installation apt-get install package_nameapt-get install package_name or apt-get install package_name1 package_name2 package_name3apt-get install package_name1 package_name2 package_name3 apt-get build-dep package_nameapt-get build-dep package_name This command searches the repositories and installs the build dependencies for package_name. Maintenance apt-get updateapt-get update Run this command periodically to …

IDS/IPS, Network

Detect attempted intrusions with psad

If you would like to know every moment of the day, what’s going on with your server then psad is the right tool for the job. Psad is an intrusion Detection and log analysis tool working above iptables. Psad is a collection of lightweight daemons that log attempted intrusions, in particular monitoring iptables. For Ubuntu …