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Automated backups with rsync

Create a shell script nano /home/myusername/sync/backup_data.shnano /home/myusername/sync/backup_data.sh with the following contents: #!/bin/bash rsync -r -t -v –progress –delete -s /source/folder/ /destination/backup/folder/#!/bin/bash rsync -r -t -v –progress –delete -s /source/folder/ /destination/backup/folder/ Make the file executable chmod +x /home/myusername/sync/backup_data.shchmod +x /home/myusername/sync/backup_data.sh Test script ./backup_data.sh./backup_data.sh Edit crontab crontab -ecrontab -e Add a new line entry to run script …


Synchronize files with rsync

Installing rsync sudo apt-get install rsyncsudo apt-get install rsync Manual Syncing rsync -az –progress –size-only /home/username/dir1/* /home/username/destination/rsync -az –progress –size-only /home/username/dir1/* /home/username/destination/ or rsync -az –progress –size-only /home/username/dir1/* my.server.com:/home/username/destination/rsync -az –progress –size-only /home/username/dir1/* my.server.com:/home/username/destination/ -a archive mode -z compress file data during the transfer –progress show progress during transfer –size-only skip files that match in …


Backup your server files easily with rsync

If you would like to back up a directory on your server and copy only changed files to your local machine, you can use the rsync tool. Just issue the following command: rsync -vare ssh username@myserver.com:/home/username/myfiles/* /home/username/myserverbackups/rsync -vare ssh username@myserver.com:/home/username/myfiles/* /home/username/myserverbackups/ That’s it!