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Hacking, Malware

Some notes on rootkits – Part 1

Rootkit major features Maintain access Conceal existence through stealth Rootkit types User-mode Kernel-mode User-mode rootkit main injection techniques Windows hooks CreateRemoteThread + LoadLibrary() CreateRemoteThread + WriteProcessMemory() Hooking techniques Import Address Table hooking Inline function hooking Rings Ring 3 – user-mode Ring 0 – kernel-mode Ring -1 – hypervisor Bridging the rings SYSENTER System call Interrupt …

Hacking, Malware

Some notes on malware – Part 2

Keyloggers Software based. Hardware based. User/Kernel based. Windows/Linux based. Hook based. Typical install locations This is rather a long list, a few examples follow: Windows Application Data\Microsoft\ System\filename.dll Program Files\Internet Explorer\filename.dll Program Files\Movie Maker\filename.dll All Users Application Data\filename.dll Temp\filename.dll Linux /bin/login /bin/.login /bin/ps /etc/ /etc/rc.d/ /tmp/ /usr/bin/.ps /usr/lib/ /usr/sbin/ /usr/spool/ /usr/scr/ Local Drives installation Malware …

Hacking, Malware

Some notes on malware – Part 1

The Motivation Behind Malware these days This is rather a long list but it can be narrowed down to the following: Steal sensitive data (identity theft, illegal immigration, terrorism, drug trafficking, blackmail, etc). Banking fraud (credit card fraud, etc). Spamming. Espionage. Advertisements/Click fraud. Medical insurance fraud. Money. Propagation Techniques Social Engineering (emails, spamming, phishing, office …