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Nessus _qdb_open: invalid table of contents

1. You start Nessus and you get an error while connecting to 2. You run nessuscli and you get an error indicating: blah blah _qdb_open: invalid table of contents Stop Nessus service service nessusd stopservice nessusd stop Repair Nessus /opt/nessus/sbin/nessusd -R/opt/nessus/sbin/nessusd -R Start Nessus service service nessusd startservice nessusd start

Nessus, NMAP

Import Nmap results into Nessus

Download the Nmap XML Import plugin from http://tenablesecurity.com/documentation/nmapxml.nasl Copy the nmapxml.nasl file into the Nessus plugins directory C:\ProgramData\Tenable\Nessus\nessus\plugins Run a command prompt as Administrator net stop "Tenable Nessus"net stop "Tenable Nessus" Load Nessus new plugins cd C:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessuscd C:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessus nessusd.exe -ynessusd.exe -y Start the Nessus service net start "Tenable Nessus"net start "Tenable Nessus" Under …

Exploitation, Metasploit, Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning and Metasploit

A vulnerability scanner is an automated computer program designed to assess computers, computer systems, networks or applications and look for weaknesses. The program probes a system by sending data to it and analyzing the responses received. To identify any vulnerabilities on the target system, a vulnerability scanner uses its vulnerability database as reference. Don’t forget …

Backtrack, Nessus

Install Nessus in Backtrack 5 R2

Installation apt-get install nessusapt-get install nessus Add nessus user /opt/nessus/sbin/nessus-adduser/opt/nessus/sbin/nessus-adduser Registration /opt/nessus/bin/nessus-fetch –register YOUR KEY/opt/nessus/bin/nessus-fetch –register YOUR KEY Start nessus /etc/init.d/nessusd start/etc/init.d/nessusd start Run nessus Open in your browser the url: