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Banner Grabbing with Python

A simple banner grabber in Python: import optparse from socket import *   def banner(targetHost, targetPort): try: connsocket = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM) connsocket.connect((targetHost, targetPort)) connsocket.send(’Hi therern’) results = connsocket.recv(100) print ” + str(results) connsocket.close() except: print ‘error’ def main(): options = {} parser = optparse.OptionParser(’usage %prog -H <target host> -P <target port>’) parser.add_option(’-H’, ‘–host’, dest=’target_host’, type=’string’, …

Backdoors, Netcat

Create Backdoor in Windows with ncat

Let’s see how we can create a non-persistent backdoor in Windows with ncat. We are going to need ncat.exe. Download and install Nmap. Locate ncat.exe in nmap’s installation folder. You will probably find ncat.exe, in this folder x:\Program Files (x86)\Nmap if you have 64bit Windows 7 system as I have. Copy it. It can work …