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Microsoft Windows

Connect to a file share

We are going to use the net use command. usage: net use drive_letter: \ip_addressshared_folder_namenet use drive_letter: \ip_addressshared_folder_name or net use drive_letter: \computer_nameshared_folder_namenet use drive_letter: \computer_nameshared_folder_name example: net use K: \ use K: \ or net use K: \george-pcmysharesnet use K: \george-pcmyshares

Host discovery, Tools

Fing in linux – Get a complete picture of your network

Download fing .deb package from here. Install it with dpkg: dpkg -i /path/to/overlook-fing-x.x.debdpkg -i /path/to/overlook-fing-x.x.deb Run it: fingfing Output example: root@bt:~# fing 23:45:52 > Discovery profile: Default discovery profile 23:45:52 > Discovery class: data-link (data-link layer) 23:45:52 > Discovery on:   23:45:52 > Discovery round starting. 23:45:52 > Host is up: HW Address: …

Backtrack, Linux, Tools

Map the network with lanmap2 and Backtrack

1. Open your backtrack vm. 2. Goto Applications->BackTrack->Information Gathering->Network Analysis->Network Scanners->lanmap2. 3. After lanmap2 finishes loading open a new terminal tab. 4. Issue the following command in the new tab: nmap -vv -A xxx.xxx.xxx.*nmap -vv -A xxx.xxx.xxx.* 5. When nmap scanning has finished, stop-terminate lanmap2, change directory to /pentest/enumeration/lanmap2and paste the following command: cd graph …