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Firewall, Windows 7

Configuring windows firewall from the command line

To configure Windows firewall from the command line, you have to open the cmd with administrative rights. Default Rule To deny all incoming connections and allow all outgoing connections: netsh advfirewall set allprofiles firewallpolicy blockinbound,allowoutboundnetsh advfirewall set allprofiles firewallpolicy blockinbound,allowoutbound Enable or Disable firewall To enable firewall: netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state onnetsh advfirewall set …

Firewall, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, UFW

Iptables made easy with ufw

UFW is a front-end for iptables and is here to make your life easier! ┬áDefault Rule To deny all incoming connections: sudo ufw default denysudo ufw default deny To allow all incoming connections: sudo ufw default allowsudo ufw default allow   Enable or Disable ufw To enable ufw: sudo ufw enablesudo ufw enable To disable …