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Encrypt your internet traffic in Windows via SSH Tunnel

1. Download and install Cygwin – http://www.cygwin.com/ 2. Install Openssh and Vim packets. 3. Open the Cygwin terminal. 4. Type: vim tunnel.shvim tunnel.sh 5. Write in file the following line: ssh -x -2 -D 1919 [username]@[ipaddress-or-hostname]ssh -x -2 -D 1919 [username]@[ipaddress-or-hostname] 6. Exit vim. 7. Type: chmod u+x tunnel.shchmod u+x tunnel.sh to make the script …

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Detect suspicious internet connections in Windows

Some times antiviruses are not enough. If you suspect that you are infected of some kind of spyware but your anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-anything are not able to detect it (this can happen) inspect internet connections made from your pc to external ips!   1st way Open command line with administrative rights and execute the command: …