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Configure HP All-in-One device on Debian

Install hplip sudo apt-get install hplipsudo apt-get install hplip Run the hp-setup wizard sudo hp-setupsudo hp-setup For Connection Type choose “Network/Ethernet..” If the device is not detected, click “Show advanced options”, tick “Manual discovery” and supply the scanner’s IP address. Detect the scanner scanimage -Lscanimage -L Detect printer Open System Settings->Printers->Add new printer Scan Open …


Printer Paused – “/usr/lib/cups/backend/hp failed”

If you have this problem with your CUPS and HP printer: /usr/lib/cups/backend/hp failed try to resume your printer. 1. Open your favorite browser, 2. open url: http://localhost:631/printers/, 3. select your printer by clicking on it, 4. from Maintenance dropdown box select Resume Printer, 5. type your username and password, 6. and you are ready to …