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Targeted geolocation and tracking

HoneyBadger is a framework for targeted geolocation. HoneyBadger is used to identify the physical location of a web user using a combination of geolocation techniques using a browser’s share location feature, the visible WIFI networks, and the IP address. The associated Metasploit Framework modules can be found here. Prerequisites — PHP — Python — SQLite3 …

Footprinting, Hacking, Reconnaissance

IPGeoLocation – Retrieve IP Geolocation information

IPGeoLocation is a small free, open-source tool, coded in python 3, capable of retrieving geolocation information for the targeted IP address. IPGeoLocation makes use of this IP Geolocation API – http://ip-api.com/docs/. You can find IPGeoLocation source code on Github. IPGeoLocation is licensed under GPLv3.