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Convert RTF characters to Greek characters

Let’s see how we can convert RTF(Rich Text Format) characters (RichTextbox C#) to Greek characters. public String Rtf2Greek(String s) { s = s.Replace("’c1", "Α"); s = s.Replace("’c2", "Β"); s = s.Replace("’c3", "Γ"); s = s.Replace("’c4", "Δ"); s = s.Replace("’c5", "Ε"); s = s.Replace("’c6", "Ζ"); s = s.Replace("’c7", "Η"); s = s.Replace("’c8", "Θ"); s = s.Replace("’c9", …

Format String Vulnerabilities, PHP, WEB

Prevent Format String Vulnerabilities in PHP

Format string exploits can be used to crash a program (DoS) or to execute harmful code. The use of unfiltered user input in functions such as printf() or sprintf() are the causes of this vulnerability. The attacker could use this kind of vulnerability to land Denial-of-service attacks, use the %x format specifier to print sections …