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WEP Fake Authentication Attack

Wep Fake Authentication attack with aircrack-ng suite. Place your wireless card into Monitor Mode airmon-ng start wlan0airmon-ng start wlan0 Detect all available wireless AP’s and clients airodump-ng mon0airodump-ng mon0 Setting adapter channel iwconfig mon0 channel <channel_number>iwconfig mon0 channel <channel_number> Capturing airodump-ng –channel <channel_number> –bssid <bssid> –write capture mon0airodump-ng –channel <channel_number> –bssid <bssid> –write capture mon0 …

Metasploit, Phishing

Let’s go Phishing

Phishing is an attempt to steal sensitive information by impersonating a well known organization or website. In the same manner you can trick a user to steal her MySQL credentials. One of the abilities of Metasploit is this, mimic known services and capture user credentials. Among the various capture modules there is a module called …