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Enumerate System Devices

Enumerate system devices using C#. You have to add a reference to the System.Management component. ManagementObjectSearcher devices = new ManagementObjectSearcher("Select Name, Description, Status from Win32_PnPEntity");   if (devices != null) foreach (ManagementObject device in devices.Get()) { Console.WriteLine("> Device name: {0} Device Desc: {1} Device Status: {2}.rn", device.GetPropertyValue("Name").ToString(), device.GetPropertyValue("Description").ToString(), device.GetPropertyValue("Status").ToString()); }ManagementObjectSearcher devices = new ManagementObjectSearcher("Select Name, …

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Enumerate DNS info about domains

DNSenum is a pentesting cool created to enumerate DNS info about domains. The purpose of Dnsenum is to gather as much information as possible about a domain. The program currently performs the following operations: 1) Get the host’s addresses (A record). 2) Get the namservers (threaded). 3) Get the MX record (threaded). 4) Perform axfr …


Enumerate user accounts through null sessions

There is a very useful program, in BackTrack you will find it pre-installed, named rpcclient. This tool executes client side MS-RPC functions and is part of samba. rpcclient manpage   Open up a terminal and execute: rpcclient -U "" target_ip_addressrpcclient -U "" target_ip_address In password prompt just hit enter.   If the connection is successful …

Brute-force, Enumeration

SMTP Users enumeration

* Open your BackTrack machine * GoTo Applications->BackTrack->Information Gathering->Network Analysis->SMTP Analysis * Choose smtp-user-enum * Execute: ./smtp-user-enum.pl -v -M RCPT -u info@example.org -t mail.example.org./smtp-user-enum.pl -v -M RCPT -u info@example.org -t mail.example.org -v Verbose -M mode Method to user for username guessing (RCPT here) -u user Check if this user exists -t host SMTP server