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Email addresses harvester

EmailHarvester is a tool to retrieve Domain email addresses from Search Engines. This project was inspired by: * theHarvester(https://github.com/laramies/theHarvester) from laramies. * search_email_collector(https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework/blob/master/modules/auxiliary/gather/search_email_collector.rb) from Carlos Perez. Requirements * Python 3.x * termcolor * colorama * requests Features * Retrieve Domain email addresses from Search Engines * Google * Bing * Yahoo * ASK Download/Installation Download …

Brute-force, Enumeration

SMTP Users enumeration

* Open your BackTrack machine * GoTo Applications->BackTrack->Information Gathering->Network Analysis->SMTP Analysis * Choose smtp-user-enum * Execute: ./smtp-user-enum.pl -v -M RCPT -u info@example.org -t mail.example.org./smtp-user-enum.pl -v -M RCPT -u info@example.org -t mail.example.org -v Verbose -M mode Method to user for username guessing (RCPT here) -u user Check if this user exists -t host SMTP server