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Passive DNS network mapping

Dnsmap – Passive DNS network mapper a.k.a. subdomains bruteforcer. dnsmap is mainly meant to be used by pentesters during the information gathering/enumeration phase of infrastructure security assessments. During the enumeration stage, the security consultant would typically discover the target company’s IP netblocks, domain names, phone numbers, etc … Subdomain brute-forcing is another technique that should …

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Bruteforce Subdomains

> Open your BackTrack 5 VM > Change directory: cd /pentest/enumeration/dns/dnsmap/cd /pentest/enumeration/dns/dnsmap/ Usage ./dnsmap [target_domain] [options]./dnsmap [target_domain] [options] Options -w wordlist-file -r regular-results-file -c csv-results-file -d delay-millisecs -i ips-to-ignore   Examples dnsmap mydomain.comdnsmap mydomain.com dnsmap mydomain. -w my_subdomain_wordlist.txt -r /root/myresults/results.txtdnsmap mydomain. -w my_subdomain_wordlist.txt -r /root/myresults/results.txt dnsmap mydomain. -r /root/myresults/ -d 3000dnsmap mydomain. -r /root/myresults/ -d …