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All about the man in the middle!

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LLMNR NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner

Responder an LLMNR, NBT-NS and MDNS poisoner. It will answer to specific NBT-NS (NetBIOS Name Service) queries based on their name suffix (see: By default, the tool will only answer to File Server Service request, which is for SMB. The concept behind this is to target our answers, and be stealthier on the network. …

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Detect arp spoofing

ArpON is a portable handler daemon that make ARP protocol secure in order to avoid the Man In The Middle attack through ARP Spoofing, ARP Cache Poisoning or ARP Poison Routing (APR) attacks. It blocks also the derived attacks by it, which Sniffing, Hijacking, Injection, Filtering & co attacks for more complex derived attacks, as: …