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Radare – a portable reversing framework

Radare is a portable reversing framework that can… Disassemble (and assemble for) many different architectures Debug with local native and remote debuggers (gdb, rap, webui, r2pipe, winedbg, windbg) Run on Linux, *BSD, Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, Solaris and Haiku Perform forensics on filesystems and data carving Be scripted in Python, Javascript, Go and more Support …

Disassembler, Reverse Engineering

Fast Disassembler-Decomposer Library

diStorm is a lightweight, Easy-to-Use and Fast Disassembler/Decomposer Library for x86/AMD64. A Decomposer means that you get a binary structure that describes an instruction rather than textual representation. Features * Access to CPU flags that were affected by the instruction. * Basic Flow Control analysis support. * AVX and FMA instruction sets support. * Complete …