The Limoncelli Test: 32 Questions for Your Sysadmin Team

Do you want to rate your SysAdmin Team?

Run the Limoncelli Test, which include critical questions like the following:

  • Are user requests tracked via a ticket system?
  • Are “the 3 empowering policies” defined and published?
  • Do you have a “policy and procedure” wiki?
  • Do you have a password safe?
  • Does your team use a bug-tracking system for their own code?
  • Does each service have an OpsDoc?
  • Does each service have appropriate monitoring?
  • Do roll-outs to many machines have a “canary process”?
  • Do you use configuration management tools like cfengine/puppet/chef?
  • Do automated administration tasks run under role accounts?
  • Is there a database of all machines (other than Marianthi’s XLS file)?
  • Is OS installation automated?
  • Can you automatically patch software across your entire fleet?
  • Can your servers keep operating even if 1 disk dies?
  • Are your backups automated?
  • Are your disaster recovery plans tested periodically?
  • Do desktops/laptops/servers run self-updating, silent, anti-malware software?
  • Do you have a written security policy?
  • Can a user’s account be disabled on all systems in 1 hour?
  • Can you change all privileged (root) passwords in 1 hour?

What is your score?

Can you improve it?