Microsoft Windows, Network, Tools

Network map in Windows with fing

We can discover network devices in Windows with fing.

How to use fing:
> Install fing and open command line to issue the following command:


and wait for fing to finish!

Other options

  -h [ --help ]            show this help message
  -v [ --version ]         show fing version
  -i [ --info ]            show network informations
  -n [ --netdiscover ] arg run network discovery
  -s [ --servicescan ] arg run service scan on host/network
  -o [ --output ] arg      use output setup for discovery/scan/ping
  -P [ --profile ] arg     use specific discovery/scan/ping profile
  -d [ --rdns ] arg        enable/disable reverse DNS lookups
  -r [ --rounds ] arg      number of rounds (network discovery)
  --session arg            use specific discovery session file
  --silent                 force to silent mode
  --interactive            start the interactive mode
  -p [ --ping ] arg        run icmp ping on the hosts
  --installservice arg     install fing as service with provided name
  --uninstallservice arg   uninstall provided fing service