Brute-force, Cracking

Cracking NTLMv2 hashes


hashcat is the world’s fastest and most advanced password recovery utility, supporting five unique modes of attack for over 160 highly-optimized hashing algorithms. hashcat currently supports CPU’s, GPU’s other hardware-accelerators on Linux, Windows and OSX, and has facilities to help enable distributed password cracking. –

Install OpenCL Drivers

If you are using Kali linux and Intel processors install the OpenCL drivers for linux:
Opencl drivers
OpenCL Runtime for Intel Core and Intel Xeon Processors

Cracking NTLMv2 hashes

hashcat --potfile-disable -d 2 --force -m 5600 -a 3 ntlmv2hash.txt wordlist.txt
--potfile-disable Do not write potfile
-d OpenCL devices to use, separate with comma
--force Ignore warnings
-m Hash-type (5600=NetNTLMv2)
-a Attack-mode (3=Brute-force)
ntlmv2hash.txt file containing ntlmv2 hash
wordlist.txt wordlist file