Passive Network Traffic Analyzer

Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical IDS you may know.

Bro is a passive open-source network traffic analyzer. It is primarily a security monitor that inspects all traffic on a link in depth for signs of suspicious activity. More generally, however, Bro supports a wide range of traffic analysis tasks even outside of the security domain, including performance measurements and helping with trouble-shooting.

The most immediate benefit that a site gains from deploying Bro is an extensive set of log files that record a network’s activity in high-level terms. These logs include not only a comprehensive record of every connection seen on the wire, but also application-layer transcripts such as, e.g., all HTTP sessions with their requested URIs, key headers, MIME types, and server responses; DNS requests with replies; SSL certificates; key content of SMTP sessions; and much more. By default, Bro writes all this information into well-structured tab-separated log files suitable for post-processing with external software. Users can however also chose from a set of alternative output formats and backends to interface directly with, e.g., external databases.

In addition to the logs, Bro comes with built-in functionality for a range of analysis and detection tasks, including extracting files from HTTP sessions, detecting malware by interfacing to external registries, reporting vulnerable versions of software seen on the network, identifying popular web applications, detecting SSH brute-forcing, validating SSL certificate chains, and much more.

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