Disassembling, Reverse Engineering

Windows Disassembler for 64-bit & 32-bit Programs

PEBrowse64 Professional (v6.3) is a 64-bit executable and requires the .NET framework. It will display both Win32 and Win64 executables, native, managed and mixed.

PEBrowse Professional (v10.1.4) is a static-analysis tool and disassembler for Win32/Win64 executables and Microsoft .NET assemblies.

With the PEBrowse disassembler, one can open and examine any executable without the need to have it loaded as part of an active process with a debugger.

Applications, system DLLs, device-drivers and Microsoft .NET assemblies are all candidates for offline analysis using either PEBrowse programs.

The information is organized in a convenient treeview index with the major divisions of the PE file displayed as nodes.

Screenshot of PEBrowse64 Professional:

Screenshot of PEBrowse Professional:

Download from here.