Debugging, Programming

Basic debugging using CDB

Βasic debugging using the Microsoft Console Debugger (CDB). You need WDK installed.

Launch an application for debugging

cdb.exe file.exe


Debugging a User-Mode Process

Attaching to a Running Process

cdb.exe -p process_id
cdb.exe -pn process_name

Attaching to a Running Process Noninvasively
Observe running process without affecting it

cdb -pv -p process_id
cdb -pv -pn process_name


Record debugging session

Open New Log File

cdb.exe -logo log_file

Append to an Existing Log File

cdb.exe -loga log_file


Specify the symbol search path

cdb.exe -y symbol_path


Specify the source file search path

cdb.exe -srcpath source_path