A full implementation of the VirusTotal 2.0 API

VirusTotal.NET – A full implementation of the VirusTotal 2.0 API.

Here you will find project’s source code.


  • Based on RestSharp (http://restsharp.org) to deserialize the VirusTotal JSON into objects
  • Scan, rescan and get report of scanned files
  • Scan websites and files
  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS
  • Support for checking if files have been scanned before


static void Main(string[] args)
    VirusTotal virusTotal = new VirusTotal("INSERT API KEY HERE");
    //Use HTTPS instead of HTTP
    virusTotal.UseTLS = true;
    FileInfo fileInfo = new FileInfo("testfile.txt");
    //Create a new file
    File.WriteAllText(fileInfo.FullName, "This is a test file!");
     //Check if the file has been scanned before.
    Report fileReport = virusTotal.GetFileReport(fileInfo).First();
    bool hasFileBeenScannedBefore = fileReport.ResponseCode == 1;
    if (hasFileBeenScannedBefore)
        ScanResult fileResults = virusTotal.ScanFile(fileInfo);


File has been scanned before: True
Scan finished, scan information embedded in this object

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