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Secure your Firefox’s Saved Passwords NOW!

If you really need to save the passwords of the web sites you are visiting every day then follow the steps below to encrypt them. Otherwise disable this feature on Firefox. To disable it goto: Edit->Preferences->Security->uncheck “remember passwords for sites” or Tools->Options->Security->uncheck “remember passwords for sites”

By using a master password in firefox, your data is encrypted using 3DES in CBC mode. You only have to choose a strong master password. Take a look at this post on how you should choose a secure password.

To use a master password in firefox goto: Edit->Preferences->Security->Set Master Password or

Tools->Options->Security->Set Master Password and choose your master password.

To improve the security you can make stored password encryption FIPS 140-1 compliant. To do this goto: Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Encryption->Security Devices->Enable FIPS or Edit->Options->Advanced->Encryption->Security Devices->Enable FIPS.

You still have to choose a good and strong master password.