Databases, MSSQL

Hardening a SQL Server

Below are some quick tips that you should follow to secure your SQL Server.

  • Secure sa account with a strong password.
  • Do not use LocalSystem or Administrator accounts for SQL Service.
  • Apply all service packs, updates and hot fixes to Windows system and SQL Server.
  • Delete setup files after installation.
  • Review all passwords for all users.
  • Change passwords for all users with null password.
  • Remove sample users and sample databases.
  • Remove guest user.
  • Review users access and security level and limit to the minimal.
  • Use Windows authentication and not mixed mode.
  • Do not install full text search if you do not need it.
  • Monitor logs and failed login attempts.
  • Check all calls made in master..sp_password.
  • Disable SQL Server email capabilities.
  • Limit procedures that are available to PUBLIC.
  • Do not install user created extended procedures.
  • Restrict or completely remove access to extended procedures.
  • Remove SQL Server network libraries that are not used.