Microsoft Windows, Security, SSH, Tunneling

Encrypt your internet traffic in Windows via SSH Tunnel

1. Download and install Cygwin –
2. Install Openssh and Vim packets.
3. Open the Cygwin terminal.
4. Type:


5. Write in file the following line:

ssh -x -2 -D 1919 [username]@[ipaddress-or-hostname]

6. Exit vim.
7. Type:

chmod u+x

to make the script executable.
8. Type:


to execute the script
9. Accept the certificate by typing yes and hitting enter.
10. Type your password.
11. Do not close Cygwin window.

Now you can configure applications, accessing the internet, to proxy traffic through this tunnel.

For example in Firefox,
you select from the menu Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings
> Select Manual Proxy configuration (the third choice)
> In SOCKS Host field, type
> In port field, type 1919
> Select SOCKS v5