QUIC – UDP equivalent for SPIDY?

QUIC – UDP equivalent for SPIDY?

“TCP support is built into the kernel of operating systems. Considering how slowly users around the world upgrade their OS, it is unlikely to see significant adoption of client-side TCP changes in less than 5-15 years. QUIC allows us to test and experiment with new ideas, and to get results sooner. We are hopeful that QUIC features will migrate into TCP and TLS if they prove effective.

A major problem with SPDY over TCP today is that “[a] single lost packet in an underlying TCP connection stalls all of the multiplexed SPDY streams over that connection,” Google said. “With UDP, QUIC can support out-of-order delivery, so that a lost packet will typically impact (stall) at most one stream.”

TCP and TLS/SSL also typically “require one or more round trip times (RTTs) during connection establishment,” Google said. “We’re hopeful that QUIC can commonly reduce connection costs toward zero RTTs. (i.e., send hello, and then send data request without waiting).”


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