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Detect smtp server version

smtpscan can detect (guess) the version of a remote SMTP server. smtpscan makes various RFC compliant and non-compliant SMTP requests to the server and tries to detect, according to server’s responses and error messages, what version is running.

-h, –help Print this help
-V Print smtpscan current version and exits
-v Verbose mode
-d Debug mode

-f=PATH Fingerprint file location (/usr/local/share/smtpscan/fingerprints)
-t=PATH Test file location (/usr/local/share/smtpscan/tests)
-p=PORT Remote port
-i=TIMEOUT Connection timeout
-c Connect only once (using the RSET command)

-D Scan MX server of DOMAIN (by default scan primary server)
-n=VALUEscan Nth mx server (by default 1 <-> primary, 2 <-> secondary, …)
-a Scan every MX server of the specified DOMAIN (see -D switch)


smtpscan -a

Results example
No exact match. Nearest matches :
– Kerio MailServer 5.6.1 (5) (with source email address checking – rbl, …)
– Exim 3.35 (5) (with source email address checking – rbl, …)