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How to crack passwords with John the ripper

John the Ripper – is free and Open Source. You can find some passwords lists: here, here and here. To provide a wordlist to john you can do it with –wordlist argument like this: –wordlist=password.lst

Suppose that you have a file passwords.txt like this:



If you have installed john already, issue the folowing command to start the brute forcing procedure:

john passwords.txt

You will get an answer like this from john:
Loaded 4 password hashes with no different salts (LM DES [128/128 BS SSE2-16])
and then nothing else. But john is working..

Just hit enter a couple of times to get something like this:
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:22:11 (3) c/s: 76996K trying: C3O19NL – C3O15MT
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:22:12 (3) c/s: 76982K trying: MJULRWR – MJUL33E
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:22:13 (3) c/s: 76968K trying: BDMDYDH – BDMDFU@
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:22:14 (3) c/s: 76954K trying: PAOGK7F – PAOG45P
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:22:15 (3) c/s: 76941K trying: PV150R0 – PV159DK
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:22:16 (3) c/s: 76927K trying: 4CH9LL. – 4CH9D0U
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:25:00 (3) c/s: 76674K trying: 4GBSYB6 – 4GBSZP6
guesses: 0 time: 0:00:25:03 (3) c/s: 76637K trying: T-RHMRV – T-RHB2Y