Explorer theme for ListView control

[DllImport("uxtheme.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Unicode)] public extern static int SetWindowTheme(IntPtr hWnd, string pszSubAppName, string pszSubIdList);   //overwrite control’s OnHandleCreated method protected…

Collect email addresses from multiple search engines

Let’s see how can we collect a company’s email addresses from multiple search engines using Kali Linux and Metasploit. 1….

Suppress all error messages in C

SetErrorMode function controls whether the system will handle the specified types of serious errors or whether the process will handle…

Open bookmark in new tab without losing focus

Open the about:config page, type about:config in the url bar and press enter. Set browser.tabs.loadBookmarksInBackground setting to true.

Create a process in C

#include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <windows.h>     int main() { STARTUPINFO startInfo; PROCESS_INFORMATION procInfo;   //lock user WCHAR cmd[50]…

Ubuntu 15.04 enable manual login
Aircrack-ng capture handshake and save it to file

Enable monitor mode airmon-ng start wlan0 List nearest WiFi networks and channels airodump-ng mon0 Dump packets from your target network…

List table columns in cakephp 3

List table columns $db = \Cake\Datasource\ConnectionManager::get(’default’); $collection = $db->schemaCollection(); $table= $collection->describe(’tablename’); $columns = $table->columns();

Write exploits, analyze malware, and reverse engineer binary files

Immunity Debugger is a powerful new way to write exploits, analyze malware, and reverse engineer binary files. It builds on…

PaiMei – a reverse engineering framework written in Python

PaiMei, is a reverse engineering framework consisting of multiple extensible components. The framework can essentially be thought of as a…

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